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Bring Items Back And Fourth!

These games are great! I love how you can chose the characters emotions, how great the graphics are, and especially how I don't need wifi! However, its hard to enjoy the game when I can't bring the characters items!! For example, I wanted to pretend that the family had just moved to another country. Since I couldn't bring the suitcases and souvenirs, it wasn't very fun. Please fix this! Thank you for reading!


Dear My Town creators I love and support all of your apps. I would also really appreciate if you would take at least one of my app suggestions. I would be very happy. Now suggestion one, my town Camping. Suggestion two My town, cruse ship and if you could actually make the ship bring u to a destination if u find the pilots room and u shift the controls that would be so cool. TYSM if u do take my suggestions.

Things you should consider

You should make it so you can take things back and forth on every game.Also I think it would be nice if you could make it so that the characters could drive to the places and not have to go out of the app. Thank you and please consider!

My town airport

I love the game because I love having trips!

I love my town

I love all of your games thank you for creating new ones so often. I just have a couple of game suggestions 1- my town amusement park 2- my town arcade 3- my town church 4- my town playground 5- my town waterpark 6- my town retirement center 7- my town apartments (with a bunch of apartments in them) 8- my town country club 9- my town trampoline park 10- my town sports Thank you so much! I hope all of these are helpful. I am so excited to see what you do next.

Your games are cool but make more

You like seriously need to make more games cause like I need more of your like games. My Town is like super fun like you can do so much and like I like it and the games are nice and just like make more ASAP.


You guys finally did it! I can use someone from another app on another!!!

Pokémon game

I remember a while back I suggested a Pokémon game to be made. Is that going to happen? And if it does I have one more idea for it. Have it include clothes from the Pokémon adventures manga. Also there is a glitch where some parachutes appear in the pilot area that can’t be moved and another glitch where you can’t take anything out of the suitcases

Suggestion please read

I love this game but I also have an idea for a different game make a my town library where they have a children’s play area of course a comic section and of course a regular section. I think that you should be able to wright the books yourself and then you can read them.

Love game

Its best im onley 10 i m faling in love with your games love sarala meyersm

Great but I would ❤️ some changes

Hi I just love all of the apps that you make I’m a really big fan ok the changes that I would like to make is In my play home you can hav them connected with each app So could you connect all of the apps whith each other Also in my play home you could hold things in the other apps so please do that to In my town airport I would love it if you can make it that all the people that go on the plane can go to real different places and connect with theses places my town beach thanks for reading this Me and my sister love playing this game Ps please answer me THANK YOU

really good

This game is very good but u should have all of the games connected and anyone getting this game should know that it’s AWESOME 😃😃😃😃😃

Glitches 😭😡😡😡😡😡😤

I tried to get in but it sent me right back out😭😡😤😖😭😤l didn't even get to play the game.$3 a waste of money.😡😡😤I thought you guys were good.😭😭😭you guys ruined my day. You guys made me cry.I'm so disappointed.right now I could burst into tears.😭😭😭😭😭😭😖if only you could help me please.please read this.😡😭😤😖☹️😣

I don’t like this glitch

It wont let me in its kicking me out

Best game ever

I love this game. It’s so awesome. But I do recommend making it bigger and having a hotel once you reach where you want to be. Thanks.

Make a new game

I like it but you should make what they go and buy in to utter games.Pleas make a my town NASA or my town sports pleas

It want let me play it



I love this game but, I wish when we connect games the could still be holding their stuff. I have My Town home and airport and I wish the suitcases could go to my town home.

I hate this!😤😤😤

I hate this game because the last purchase I made crashed after loading and so did this one!😤😤😤😤😤 I am so disappointed, thanks a lot for this bad thing! By the way this problem keeps happening on IPad 2!!! Please fix this problem!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

I like it but ok app

Lets make some new updates in my town airport. Where the people sit their is a door that you could jump can you please let that door open so you can fly out of the plain. And last update please make so they can go somewhere like Phoenix AZ or different states. Thank you I know I ask a lot can you please do it Thank you.

Love the game but

I love the game but the start button in the plane is really hard to press and WHAT THE HECK IS THIS CONNECTED GAME THING THAT EVERY ONE IS TALKING ABOUT Thanks -a confuzed doge 😀

REALLY GOOD buuuut...

It is really good and fun but why did you not make like a lot more to the map like more than just 3 things! Okay I mean it’s good I mean it but what about change!

This game is so awesome!!!

This game is a pop star game and it's so detailed with the sky diving and it's so awesome that the plane can fly I know some airport games where the plane doesn't fly you're so clever I'm a fan because you have the coolest game😍😄👍

Not much to do :(

Sorry but I only just got this and I got bored 😑. Also I have a few suggestions. 1. Make an app called my town New York it would be like New York and you can connect it to this and there is lots more to do. 2. Make an app that makes you able to make your own character. You will have more people to chose from. 3. Make an app that connects all the apps. 4. Make an app called my town city. 5. Make an app with an arcade because I love video games. Thanks for reading this ,Me Ps can you plz add an update to this where you can go to different country’s. Bye!!! Another ps I love your apps. See ya! (Ps I won’t add any more ps’s)

Nice in all but...

Can u make it so all the games are connected cuz I want some of the kids to go to the school and gas station and yeah also I would like the princess connected with them I know it’s a lot of work but pleaseeee I would play dis game every day every second minute hour I WOULD LOVEEEEE IT! And I also want it so they can bring stuff to other games thank ya!


Add a My town Aquarium and make it fun (suggestions:Mermaid Fish And call it something).It would make My Town Better!

Awesome for Pusheen! 😻🌈

Hey, I’m Pusheen the Irish cat. I deliver my greatest reviews to all apps I hate and love! And my sponsor is my mommy, Erica! Anyway, super cute app for any kitty to enjoy! Hate most MyTown games, but you are improving and saving progress! Yay!

Great but here are some suggestions 😀

Love the app but here is a suggestion, you should make a vacation app with a hotel and everything and you should have the plane connect to that, instead of just landing back at the airport 😃 I think it would make the app even better even though it is pretty cool and fun. Thank you! P.S. I have like almost all the my town games.

An idea for my little princess

Hi I love your games and I have a great idea you could make a village and you can make an evil lair for the witch but don’t make the lair in the castle hope you use this idea thanks for reading

Some awesome ideas

I am your biggest fan I have some ideas maybe should make gift cards on Amazon or T-shirt game ideas maybe when you land there should be a way you get off and a baggage and baggage claim you can get a cabdriver and you should be able to go to an airport and maybe my my town toys


This is because it is a teaching game

New game

Hi I love this new game but I have a request for anew game my town funeral which is were there’s a cemetery and a funeral home and you can put the characters in graves and coffins well thanks


I think this app is brilliant and you should make loads more and I have a few ideas for some more my town apps you could make a my town Hollywood app a my town city app and a my town mansion app also I think all of the apps should be able to join so you can walk along the street from the airport to the house I love this app!!!!!

Keeps crashing

Please refund my money, this app is unstable and keeps crashing! I've purchased all of the other my town games and I've never had any issues until today. Update: it suddenly started working now

New apps

Please update my town hotel and make it to a better hotel and please make my town dentist and make oll of the my town apps together to make a city named my town city. Thank you🙏🏻🙏🏻

Great game

I love this game but it crashes when you play it

Fix it

My little girl can't play the game because it kicks them off it won't even load the game at all so fix it of I'm never going to buy your games again


After you get the plane up into the air, can it go anywhere? You should connect it with the hotel


This game seems to be awesome,but whenever I try to play it crashes on me!! You have got to fix this please!!

Build a bear

I love the game and also can you guys make a game called my town build a bear workshop😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

More ideas

I love this game and it made me think can I actually go somewhere? But you can’t so I was wondering if you can make another game that you tipe in your location and how old you are and then you could go in the car and drive places in your town

Read this plz

Great, but I have bout my town: city! Or zoo, or orphanage? Pls make one of these I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ these games and use them to tell stories. Thx!

Love it

Some people don’t know how to turn the air plane on all you have to do is the room on the left where the bathroom is at than go to the air plane and pull the leaver and don’t forget to press the button on your right


Still crashes and won't load even after update. Fix it please

It’s all right😑

My Town peeps,I know you put a lot of time and effort in the is game,but I wish that every time I dropped something on the floor,it and tried to pick it up it did’t got to the home screen of the app,I gave you 4 stars instead of 5 because of this issue,I also wish that all the buttons on the plane would light up when you press them.But I still LOVE your apps and games A loyal customer, A random person

Needed inprovements

This game gets James a lot

My town Glich

I hate it I never got to play it because it crashes every time I go to the game I WANT MY MONEY BACK.

Just some ideas

Hey, huge fan of your games! Just some suggestions to make this game even better! A few ideas I had, if it isn’t too much or it doesn’t destroy the game/how the game runs, were maybe having the ability to make it nighttime during flight. Also would love it if, when you land, you could end up at the airport but with a different background than the one you took off at. My last suggestion could be an entirely separate game but it would be awesome to arrive at the new location and vacation based on where you land. This would probably end up being a different game or just a bunch of different games (due to all the areas mentioned in the airport), but, like you did with the princess story, you could link it up somehow so your characters land (with everything that you did in this game to that character) and then another game opens where you vacation where you landed in this game! Now that would be totally awesome. Overall, love this game, love your other games (I’ve played all of them), love how quickly you guys come out with a new game, and keep doing what you’re doing!

Love this game but...

My 4 year old daughter loves this game. But she always tells me how she wants to travel to different places. If it is possible to do that please respond!!

  • send link to app